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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Video Gaming Addiction??

Peter Gray has a new article out dispelling the belief that video gaming is addictive.  I completely agree with his assertions and wanted to send this along in case you haven't seen it.

Peter Gray: Video Game Addiction - Does it Occur, If so, Why?

Professor Gray's main point is about how different video gaming is from gambling and how many people want to liken excessive video gaming to gambling addiction. He argues this point well.

But in case you missed it, he hits on one key point that I often see when our family interacts with the general population; the War on Fun.  For some reason, anytime kids seem to be having fun in some way that is not "sanctioned" by the adults around them, this fun becomes suspect. I also see parents trying to "calm" their kids when their kids are exuberant or noisily enjoying themselves, I see parents mis-interpreting what their kids are doing and interfere in play all because the joy is getting a little too amped up.

What happened to us all that we distrust joy so much?  Something to think about.

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